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Years of experience doesn't always describe the ability of those "experienced".  I would rather have a GREAT doctor who has seen my case before and knows how to handle it than just a doctor who doesn't have a great record.  At Family Pool and Spa we have had some time to establish ourselves in 417 area and have had a 100% success rate with our customers.  Within our first couple years we serviced over 150 pools with over twenty on our weekly maintenance program. The reason we have chosen the name Family Pools was not just for a catchy name, but a name representing who we are.  I have worked and operated a pool construction, installation, and service company for several years before obtaining my MBA.  At this juncture in life, I have decided to utilize my expertise to make your experience exceptional.  My wife and I have two teenage children living at home that have proven to have the same passion as I have for this business.  If you want a partner with a passion for helping others while adding to our "FAMILY" then you have came to the right place.  We can not wait until you join the FAMILY!!
- Mike Wells

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